Eco Sphere Earth


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Product Name: Eco Sphere Earth
Stock Number: 30-n-301
Product Outer Dimensions: 8.66 Dia.
Amount Of Cremains: 160 C.I.
Product Material: Clay
Product Color(s): Tan
Eco-Friendly: Yes
Specially designed for returning your loved one’s cremains to the Earth, the Eco Sphere Earth is a hand-crafted biodegradable urn made from binding plant organic substrate, fiber, golden sand and plant extracts. The urn can be buried beneath a favorite tree or the urn’s lid can be replaced and a seedling of the tree of your choice can be planted there to cultivate that new life. Includes biodegradable bag.
Dissolution: dependent on moisture of soil
Please check local laws and restrictions when scattering or burying cremated remains.

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